Learning Code – Keep on Trekking


As we began our coding journey, I looked at the long road ahead and it looked a bit daunting.  My son wants a career in programming.  Me?  I’m just along for the ride (and to help).  But it wasn’t long before I discovered that I also like learning code.  I realized I’m really not too old to learn a new skill.

Keep on Trekking

So now we look at the path ahead.  How do we get from “wanting” to be software engineers to “becoming” them?  How do we successfully reach the summit of mastering code?  Over my life, I have learned that when confronted with a monumental challenge, it is best to take small steps and pace yourself, and above all – keep on trekking.

So we made a contract with each other, and so far, we have been on a steady incline up the path.  Here is what we agreed:

1. Designate 2-4 hours a day to code.  By learning code for at least two hours a day (up to four if we are on a roll), we know that we are taking small steps and over time, those steps will all add up.

2. Keep a journal.  This is basically our road map.  It has a daily schedule, a monthly summary, it keeps track of our progress, it notes hours spent coding and the computer languages we are learning (currently javascript), as well as listing other classes taken on on line platforms (like math, english, humanities, etc).

3. Work as a team.  Just like having a workout buddy at the gym, being a coding team keeps us trekking the steady climb.  When I originally volunteered to pair code with my son, I thought I would be tutoring him because I am older and wiser, but half the time he is helping me.  He “gets” things I don’t see and vice-versa.  We discuss problems and learn together.  Working as a team keeps us motivated and successful.  Two heads are definitely better than one when learning code.

The trek continues…..


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