Reflection at the Midway Point


We are midway to our yearly goal of learning 500 hours of code. I stop on the trail and reflect on how far we’ve come. Even though we have learned a lot, we know that the mountaintop we seek is many miles ahead.  We won’t be there at 500 hours – not even close.  We know that there is no quick way up there – we just need to keep moving forward.  Already planning on our next 500 hours in 2015.

code trail niki

Here at this point, we are happy to have learned so much so far:  HTML, CSS, Javascript and Photoshop. Our goal is take our time and retain this knowledge.  After we watch the tutorials, we take notes and practice, practice, practice.  We even give each other code challenges.  And then we practice more.  One thing that is clear to me right now:  the more we learn, the more we see how much more there is to learn.

A good method we found is the Three Steps to Retention”  1. Learn it;   2. Do it;   3. Teach it.  We keep cycling through these steps and it really helps us absorb what we are learning.  Working as a team helps us stay motivated and productive.



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