Making A New Code Trail


My how time flies! We are still on the code path and are are hiking on to new trails.  It has been ten months since our last blog and a lot has happened.  It is Year 3 of code and we are on a new trail – we are building real projects and learning by doing.

codetrail16What’s Been Happening:

2015 ended successfully with another 500 hours. Our Mountain of Code visual board was filled up to the top. We spent the rest of the year creating mini projects and working with javascript, animations, and various jQuery plugins. We also continued our Treehouse tutorials on WordPress.

When January rolled in, we decided that Year 3 would be our “Internship Year.” We were at the point where we were ready to utilize our code skills and start building a portfolio. But before we delved into a project, we wanted to first do some research: what makes a website “good?”

We spent quite some time looking at numerous websites and developers. A few of the things we did:  investigating the code through Google Developer Tools, doing speed tests to see how fast the pages would load, checking W3C code validation, evaluating design layout, finding out what the platform was built on (WordPress, Weebly, WIX, etc.) or if it was custom, finding out if a site was responsive (surprisingly, there are many that are not), and if the design was user friendly.

After researching over 50 sites, we did discover a few things that we think are important to a good site:  responsiveness, space between elements, balanced weight between images and text, readable font-size and user experience.

houseofcodeWe made a new visual board for 2016, called “The House of Code” and have colored sections for each project and learning time.  We have been working on our first project, an art site. It is custom with a Bootstrap framework, a slider in the header section and a lightbox art gallery. So this year, the interns have been truly “learning by doing” and it has taken our code learning trail to new heights.


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