Progress – Not Perfection


“Progress – Not Perfection” is a quote by Kathy Freston, a best selling author on the body/mind/spirit approach to health and wellness. This quote reminds us that even though we have a way to go before we become accomplished web developers, we don’t have to be stressed about being perfect right now.  What’s important is that we keep on our path and continue learning code –  brick-by-brick, hour-by-hour, two hours a day – until we reach our goal.


Today, we take a breath on our code trail and and see the view of how far we’ve come along so far.  Since the launch of our code-learning journey in 2014, we have definitely made progress.  Last year at this time, we had just finished a course on HTML were then learning how to make background colors with CSS.  Now here we are, creating for-loops, objects and variables so we can duplicate the hour blocks to our “Mountain of Code Tower” with javascript.  We still have our foam board grid and colored pens, but this year we will also create a tower with code (HTML, CSS and Javascript).

We are deep in the woods of our code learning journey and are making progress daily.  I feel like Cheryl Strayed from the book Wild, I’ve gone too far to turn back and I look ahead and see the many miles we need to go.  At least I still have my boots!

We are not perfect, but that’s okay.  We are getting some traction and have moved beyond the newbie stage of last year.  With Treehouse, Code Academy, and independent practice, we have delving into: frameworks, advanced CSS, HTML forms, Javascript, jQuery, responsive design, Sass, Console, Git basics, web optimization and more.  All these topics are like different puzzle pieces that we need to learn how put together.  We are starting to understand the different shapes of the puzzle.  Now it’s time start learning how to build something beautiful.


Why Do a Blog about Being a Code Mom?


I have been keeping a journal on our progress since day one.  It has only been a few months, but we have learned A LOT!  Not only are we learning how to code, but we are also learning how to navigate through the online ocean of information, finding jewels of education, resources, classes and support.

Our school doesn’t teach computer science, but we are learning solo with success, all online.  This blog is intended to share our story with other moms who are helping their children learn computer science. It is also my personal testimonial that “you’re never too old to code.”  I started out by being a support for my son, and soon discovered that I can code too (and I like it!).

So if you are a mom who wants to help your child learn computer science, or a mom who wants to learn to code herself (a great skill to have if you decide to re-enter the workforce later), this blog’s for you.  Thanks for visiting.